May 31


Main artistic objectives of the organisation

  • Produce a recurring literary event centered mainly, but not exclusively, on poetry and which tends, among other things, to renew the practice and its forms of diffusion and connect people across various digital platforms
  • Encourage and contribute to the development of new and unpublished forms in literature , such as literary performances, interdisciplinary poetry and multidisciplinary practices and share across the social medium
  • To contribute to the emergence of a new generation of writers who work on these new forms of creation by providing them with a platform for dissemination and as a stepping stone
  • To develop regional networks for the production and dissemination of these practices, both for professionals and for the succession
  • To carry out activities of poetization of the environment aiming to inscribe the poetry in the daily life and to contribute to the development of a public for the new forms of literary expression
  • Encourage artistic dialogue , sometimes multilingual and multicultural, between actors participating in literary events
  • To bring together the various actors of the literary and poetic milieu of Québec, Canada and abroad in order to enrich and disseminate the
  • Developing new audiences in literature and poetry
  • Work on various cultural mediation projects , particularly in community settings