May 31

Printemps des Poètes

The Printemps des Poètes is a non-profit organization that evolves in the cultural milieu of Québec City. Its mandate revolves around the promotion and dissemination of the literary arts  with the incorporation of technology, with particular emphasis on poetry and displaying across the digital platform. In addition to producing the Month of Poetry, which takes place each year in March, it creates and distributes during the year activities of poetization of the environments and technology mediation .

On the artistic level, the Spring of the Poets relies on innovation and originality by offering to the multiple actors of the literary, emerging or confirmed medium, conditions conducive to the emergence and dissemination of a new poetic word , Exploded and multifaceted .

Collectively, the Spring of Poets is an organization unifying , deeply rooted in the community , which seeks to open meeting spaces for the sharing of ideas and imagination in order to enrich the artists’ creative processes, to Diversify the offer of activities for the public and democratize access to culture .